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Easy Money And Ways to Get It

I was at a bank ATM this morning and a bright orange poster caught my eye. It was a notice from the police department warning people of the different methods that thieves follow to rob money from folks coming out of banks.

Method #1 : Thieves cut your bike’s clutch cable. While you are fiddling with it, a guy volunteers to help you out. While your attention is turned away, his accomplice on a bike snatches your bag and speeds away.

Method #2 : Thieves pour oil under the car bonnet. While you return to your car from the bank, a ‘good Samaritan’ points to the oil leak. When you bend down to check the leak, another guy snatches your bag/picks your wallet and runs away.

Method #3 : When you start off on your bike after withdrawing cash from the bank, two People on a bike come besides you to inform that you have dropped cash on the road. When you stop to check your bag/pocket, they mug you, take your money and speed away.

The first thing that stuck me was, why take so much trouble. Isn’t it much easier just clobbering the guy’s head off his senses and just walk away with the money?!