In General

The Jolt And The Lesson

Have you ever got the feeling when you realize the value of something only after you have lost it? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I lost my phone yesterday and the hours that followed it was a matter of anguish. I wasn’t so much worried about the actual value of phone. It’s the stupid Nokia 6020. I can always buy another one. What I was more worried about was the contact numbers that I had gleaned over many years. Suddenly, I felt handicapped. All those important contact details, now gone.

I was even half in mind of calling up my phone and should the guy who took my phone pick it up, plead with him to keep the phone but just give back my SIM card. Tried calling a few times but no one picked up the call.

I felt like kicking myself for not taking the backup of the numbers, which I had been meaning to do it for many months.

And then something pleasant happened. I actually didn’t lose the phone. Where did I find it? In my laptop bag. I happened to just tuck it in my laptop bag, something that I have never done before and totally forgot about it. I can’t tell you the relief I had when I saw the phone again. I looked at it with special a special kind of respect.

Know what’s the first thing I did? Yeah, back up the numbers. Nothing like a small jolt to wake you up.