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Graduating from an ‘Agency’ to ‘Media Owner’

For a long time, I was thinking that the “client” behind was I had good reasons to think so. MMT is a pure play travel site but what they lack is a content site. Even better if its a travel networking site.

Yeah, I knew that it was WebChutney, the online marketing agency, that was running the show but was under the impression they were doing the work for MMT.

The impression changed when I read this news item. It’s good to see the ‘agency’ turn into a media owner.

WebChutney’s CEO, Siddharth and Communications manager, Nidhi, are coming down to Chennai for BlogCamp and it’ll be good to hear them talk about their experiences with

Update: There’s official clarification from Sid, the CEO of WebChutney. – “OkTataByeBye is surely a Makemytrip owned property. Webchutney is the agency managing it. A lot of the buzz was directly driven by us, that i guess creates the impression.”

That and also some fuzzy news items that are a bit misleading.