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Podcast: Listen to G.B.Prabhat, Director, Satyam Computer Services

The first thing that hit me when I saw him was how young he looked to be a director of a really large software company. I mean, you’d expect a person who heads a multi-million dollar business dept and manages thousands of associates to be, well, pushing the 50s and things associated with it. But he came across as ebulliant, very friendly and easy to talk with. Two weeks ago, I had a chance to lunch with him and we had a free flowing discussion for about two hours.

Who am I talking about?

Meet G.B.Prabhat,Director of Enterprise Solutions at Satyam Computers. To me, he clearly broke the myth that top management folks can’t be good at creative writing. Business writing yes, but novels? No, not many I can think of. That’s what made him stand out for me.

Prabhat’s third book and his latest novel, Eimona got launched yesterday in India and I believe it has already hit the bookstands in major bookstores. I had a chance to read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s a story woven around that makes it for a nice read. There’s anelectronic vesion of the book that can be downloaded as well.

I saw a hoarding in the city with words that caught my attention. It goes like this..”Cubicles are assigned. Corner offices are earned’. It fits in perfectly with Prabhat’s penchant for entreprenership and for turning startups into mega businesses. He founded Sundaram Infotech and later Satyam Renaissance and is probably onto something new soon. This guy is smart and sharp.

He again proves my belief that there is a strong connection with voracious book readers and good leaders. It may not be correct always but I see numerous instances of the corelation.

Prabhat calls himself a compulsive writer and loves to write everyday. A great trait to be a blogger. His blog isn’t all perfectly set up and he says he wants to come up with a professional looking one. Prabhat’s short stories have been published in The Hindu and Indian Express.

I also like Prabhat’s trait of leaving office at 5:30 dot. He doesn’t believe in burning mid-night oil and says that evenings should be devoted to family and pursuing one’s own interest. I totally dig his views.

Hey, there’s more interesting stuff in the podast interview. It’s 23 minutes long. The first half talks about his book and the second half talks about the entrepreneurial venture, his professional growth, his tips for tech folks and about his hobbies.

BTW, here’s the bookcover of his new novel.