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CNN IBN Covers BlogCamp

This video is part of CNN IBN’s ‘Chennai Chutney’ program to mark the Madras Day. So, there’s bound to be a Chennai tilt. I thought Rohini Mohan, the correspondent, did an admirable job. I got an insider’s view of the process behind TV coverage. Fascinating.

Now to the video. This was supposed to have happened three weeks ago. But for three consecutive weekends, the shooting couldn’t happen because of various reasons and finally it took place a couple of days ago at very short notice.

The initial part of the video has me rowing. It was originally supposed to be cycling. The crew were supposed to take a few shots of me when I head to office in the morning by cycle. (Yeah, I cycle to work) but as fate would have it, I had a flat tire that morning. The plans quickly changed (Good thinking, Rohini) and it was shifted to the Madras Boat Club.

BTW, BlogCamp is shaping up amazingly well. I’ll save this up for another post. Meanwhile, check out the video.