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On Air on RadioCity

I just got off the phone with Nandini, RJ at RadioCity who is doing a special program on blogging for tomorrow’s show. She called up a few city bloggers to get in their views. Tune in to 91.1 frequency tomorrow morning between 7:00 am and 10:00 am. The show is called Metro Morning where they talk about a topic of interest every day.

Apparently, today was ‘Five Point Someone’ special. Not only did they talk with the show’s director, they also called up Chetan Bhagat in Hong Kong to get his views as well. Cool.

This is the first time I visited RadioCity’s website and should say I was pretty impressed with the design. They obviously missed booking a relevant domain, Anyways, back to the site. Their city sections actually has information about all the RJs. That’s cool. Here is Nandini’s page. And oh, she blogs as well. Her writing, very interesting that you wished she wrote more regularly.

There’s even a Radiocity audio blog that caught my fancy but its mostly for listeners to put in their 10 second opinion.

Tune in tomorrow morning to hear a few bloggers talk. Mine might not make it, thanks to a sketchy mobile signal. I had to lean precariously out of my balcony to have me heard. If I do make it, this would be my first time on Radio.

Not so for the print. Economic Times and The Hindu BusinessLine carried two stories where I got to get my two line opinions published.

Priyanka Vyas has a story on digital communities & tech tribes at the Hindu Businessline. Manisha Singh from the ET has a story on the growth of blogs & videos in 2006 and rightly figures, “Why else would Google buy YouTube?“.