Apple’s Switcher Girl There are two things that this girl helped sell. Apple Macintosh and… Benadryl. Nearly 5 years ago, this 14 year old girl became a cult hit, thanks to a dopey [...]

I Have A Squint !! It’s not too often that I appear on TV. So, yesterday when I saw myself in the ExtraBed story on NDTV, the first thing I noticed was that I have squinted eyes. Slight [...]

ExtraBed on NDTV NDTV is doing a story on and and they had come home to do a shoot. Alaphia Zoyeb, the senior NDTV reporter had earlier traveled for over a month in [...]

Saarang Experiences I saw one of the strangest sights at Saarang, IIT Madras’ culfest. At the western music finals, an over enthusiastic volunteer from IIT had a huge roll of cotton and was [...]