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How’s This For Branding?

The Nungambakkam Tennis Stadium in Chennai is one of the best in India. It hosts India’s biggest ATP tournament. It attracts some of the biggest players and most importantly it brings in the affulent audience.

The kind of audience you’d kill for to advertise to, if you are a brand manager. But in this case, the Parryware guys just don’t get it. Take a look at this…

I needed to take a leak and look out for the men’s restroom. Sure enough I find it. Can’t miss the door with a big shiny copper emblazoned name board. So far, so good.

I open the door, enter in and…… I’m flummoxed! Where the bloody hell are the urinals? There’s none. One has to pee on the wall, like they do in the smelly toilets at movie talkies in small towns. Geez! For a company that makes toilet closets for business, the least they could have done is install their own products.

And what do they do? They install their competitor’s products, instead!! Now, howz that for branding, eh?!