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Bhangra Aerobics

Ranal is a fairly big IT solutions company in the Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy engineering domain. I had to interview Ramesh Chandra, their MD of India operations for my show and hence was researching through the company. That’s when I came across Veera Mahajan, the owner and president of Ranal Inc and her unique aerobics video project.

Veera was a model, a dance lover and fitness freak. But after two kids and an IT company to run, she had difficulty finding time going to a gym. She tried making up by doing aerobics at home using the aerobics videos. But she found most of the videos having the same kind of music and wanted to do something new. That’s when she decided to maker her own aerobics video with Bhangra music. From the press coverage, it seems to have quite a bit of reach. Not bad for a president wanting to do a video!