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From Strangers To Friends

When you start something and you see people directly getting benefited, the feeling is amazing.

Sagaro called me up the other day and said,”Thanks”. I asked him for what? And then he explains..

Sagaro, who lives in Chennai received an email from Anant Siva, an award winning film director and screenwriter who runs his own production in Singapore. Anant is visiting Chennai and was looking for a place to stay. That’s when he came across Sagaro through

Now, here’s why it gets pretty interesting. Sagaro’s new found passion is film making and is currently shooting his short film. Anant Siva is an experienced film maker and in his two weeks stay at Chennai, am sure there’ll be good knowledge he can pass on to Sagaro.

Anant is new to Chennai and wants to meet up with cool people and that’s where Sagaro can immensely help.

This is a fantastic example of a symbiotic friendship. And when you see two complete strangers become friends, you absolutely know it was well worth putting that little effort into