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You Still Don’t Have a Domain For Your Blog?

I have always been preaching folks to move to their own domain name. Having a secondary domain (like is amateurish. I’m going to get a ton of brickbats for saying this, but I’ll stick to my words.

If you are a blogspot user, you really have no more reasons to shirk this. Did you know that you can have your own custom domain for you blog! And what’s the best part? The hosting is free. Just like blogspot but now with your own domain. That’s awesome. Take it from a man who is paying for his hosting. When you get to have it hosted for free on Google’s own server, just jump for it.

If that doesn’t convince you. Check these out.

Seamless transition: Your blogspot URL will be redirected to your domain name. This way you don’t lose your audience.
No Dirty Hands : Google takes care of all technicalities. No tinkering with HTML.
Reliable Publishing: Did I say you are hosted on Google’s server?
Custom Email : Get using all the fantastic GMail features.

Now, tell me one good reason why you should stick to your boring secondary URL?