In General

Saarang Experiences

I saw one of the strangest sights at Saarang, IIT Madras’ culfest. At the western music finals, an over enthusiastic volunteer from IIT had a huge roll of cotton and was offering it to the folks sitting in the first few rows. And even surprising was a few folks removing a few and rolling it into a bud and stuffing it in their ears.

Saarang is turing out to be more of a music event and less of a literary event. Events like What’s The Good Word, Creative writing, Crossie had very few takers and even fewer audience. At the What’s The Good Word event, there must’ve been half of a dozen in the audience. A far cry from the thousands that attended the light music competition.

There’s a big water tank at IIT campus that reminded me of the ‘Insti building’ of The Five Point Someone play. I wanted to climb it for the heck of it. And it turned out to be a thrilling experience. The spiral staircase was rather narrow and after climbing two floors high, the railing started to shake. At a couple of places, the railing was missing too. Finally got to head to the top to see the greenishness of the campus.