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Prabhu’s Operation a Failure

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Prabhu’s operation got over at 2:30 pm this afternoon. After a three and half hour operation, the doctors have given up. They were unable to repair the nerves that were severely squashed by the compression of the spinal chord bones. The doctors didn’t mince any words. Prabhu will be wheel chair bound for the rest of his life.

On the brighter side, he won’t be a living vegetable. His brain is active. The internal bleeding will soon subside. As part of post-operative procedure, the hospital will provide him physiotherapy and psychotherapy. For a 18 year old boy to know that he can’t walk for the rest of his life can be difficult to swallow. Thankfully, there are professionals to help.

I was meaning to visit the hospital today evening but the hospital staff won’t allow any visitors for today. Tomorrow will be doubtful too. Many of you have mailed in to see photos of Prabhu. That’s very understandable. I will try my best to get one. At the Critical Care Unit, there are restrictions but will try to get one when I get there.

I have been updating the HelpPrabhu Wiki on the progress of Prabhu’s health. I will continue to update the wiki as I slowly move away to other topics on this blog. There are many who have graciously offered support and its my duty to keep all informed about the person they helped.

The fund raising will close tomorrow morning. That’ll help in withdrawing the money and handing it over to the person who has helped loan the money to the parents. The parents still stare at a hefty hospital bill which is beyond their means. Prabhu’s collegemates have helped collect Rs. 1.46 lakhs. We have helped raise Rs. 1.13 lakhs. Prabhu’s relatives have helped collect around Rs.2 lakhs. In total, that’s a collection of Rs.4.6 lakhs. That’s still around another Rs.4 lakhs needed to meet the hospital expenditure of Rs.8.5 lakhs. We may never fill in the gap but atleast we can try reducing it a little. Any small help will be appreciated.