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A lot can be said in 140 characters.

That’s the premise behind my new book, CrowdsourcingTweet.

The book is a compilation of 140 tweets. Each tweet less than 140 characters.

The book is part of the #Th!nkTweet Series published by HappyAbout, a California based publishing house.

The inspiration behind the book stemmed from Rajesh Setty, my mentor and author of the first book in the series.

I got sold on the idea of authoring a book via tweets for the following reasons:

– We now don’t have the time to read big books.

– I’ve always enjoyed reading small books that I can finish on a plane ride.

– It’s much easier to write a small book!

– I found a great publisher and mentor!

– I truly believe in the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’.

In the true spirit of the book, 20% of tweets will be crowdsourced. An opportunity for you to participate.

When we listen to a lecture, we take notes of important points. Treat this book like a compilation of those points.

The book is in its final stages of completion. It will hit the stands in early September 2009.

In case you didn’t notice, this post was written in tweet sized sentences!