In farm

On a bright sunny morning, we started preparations for a Bhoomi Puja for the farm house. Its our first step in realizing our dream : Turning a 7 acre arid, untilled land into a diversely rich edible forest.

For the longest time I remember, I had always wanted to live right on the farm. I guess its my village roots kicking in. The more I live in cities, the more is the urge to escape to my village. I finally decided to divide my time between city (to earn my livelihood) and village (to follow my passion).

And so, after finding an auspicious day and time, we started the bhoomi puja. I’m not a big believer in traditional religious rituals but there’s something about these pujas that gives the confidence to complete the project successfully.

Here’s a short photolog of the event.

That’s us getting ready for the puja. What you don’t see in the picture is the frenetic activity.  The recommended auspicious time was running out and we had to get started before that.  You can also take a look at our farm in Rettani Village, near Tindivanam, Tamilnadu.


The puja materials are all set. Notice the 9 holy bricks which will be used in the construction of the farm house.  And oh, don’t get grandiouse ideas when I say farmhouse. Its more like a FarmRoom!  Its a small 450 sq.ft studio with a 200 sq.ft mezzanine floor.  Just enough for our little family to crash after a hard day’s work on the fields.


The mason turned into a pujary. The turmeric mound turned God and the brick turned into God’s pedestal.


Loved how Earth, Water, Fire and Air coexists in this photo. A sign of great things to come.

You can follow the progress of our work in the farm here