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Photo : Donnr MB

I have always loved houses that have earthy looks. Houses with exposed bricks have fascinated me. For long, I have been imagining living in such a house. Now, that I’m closer to the dream, I’d like to make it happen.

We bake our own hand-made bricks in our farm but they cannot be used for exposed walls. For cemented walls, they are quite good but not for exposed ones. Hence, looking outside.

The wire-cut bricks are usually machine made. They are compressed and hence much stronger and heavier. More importantly,  they have sharp edges which are essential for a good looking exposed brick wall.

However, I’m having difficulty in sourcing good grade Wire-Cut bricks. The best ones are either available in Kerala or in Karnataka. The travel costs tend to be prohibitive.

Do you know anyone who makes these wire-cut bricks in Tamilnadu? Preferably somewhere closer to Chennai or Tindivanam. Alternatively, any reference to an architect or a builder who might have a lead would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. I can be reached at 9841597744 and Kiruba(@)