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What’s an anti-cafe, you ask? Well, a cafe where you pay for the time and get coffee free !!

Very unique, eh? I visited the Backyard Cafe to attend a Storytelling Session. I must say that I looked the place at first sight. It’s a nice meetup place for creative projects. A place for coworking, open-ended events or brainstorming sessions.
It’s run by two young girls who are architects. Clearly, you can see a lot of design aesthetics. ¬†They describe their goal to bring people and ideas together, creating a space that enhances the little things in life that often are overlooked.

The place is in the backyard of a large independent house and thus the name.

The storytelling session I attended. They have a room for events on the first floor.

This place is part of a residential neighbourhood in Adyar. Easy to miss but for this small, innocuous sign.

I like the colourful interiors.