Crowdsourcing isn't about gathering a flock. It's about leveraging a group of uniquely talented individuals.

Rick Liebling, author of 'How Soon is Now? -

CrowdsourcingTweet is a unique book project that marries the power of crowdsourcing and Twitter. You get 140 key, distilled information about Crowdsourcing from relevant experts in a fun, easy-to-digest tweet format. This book is for thinkng adults who lack the time to read long books but want to improve themselves.

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Crowdsourcing My Class on Facebook Marketing Strategies

Its not about how much you know. Its about how much the students learn. My sessions at Great Lakes are 3 hours straight and it can be a challenge to retain the attention of the students. A very effective method is breakdown a big subject into really small topics and let each student take ownership of a topic. Everyone focuses hard on their topic and…

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16 Mar 12

Crowdsourcing Questions for Jo Harlow, Head of Smart Phones, Nokia

I’m at the Nokia Connection 2010 event in Singapore where leading journalists and bloggers are invited to preview the latest technologies from Nokia. I’m interviewing Jo Harlow, who heads Smart Phones for Nokia for my podcast show. Long ago, I realized the limitations of my intelligence. I also greatly believe in the wisdom of the crowd and that the collective intelligence of the audience is…

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14 Jun 10

Personal Branding Tweet : My 3rd Book. Would you like to join in?

‘Personal Branding Tweet’ is my 3rd book that I’m working on. The book delves on nuggets of valuable information to effectively brand and market oneself. The book is a Tweet Book. What is it? Simply, the book contains 140 tweets. Each tweet, as everyone knows, is within 140 characters. Each of these tweets contains a useful tip, insightful thought or an interesting quote. All pertaining…

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23 Mar 10

You Can Be Part of The Crowdsourcing Book

As many of you already know, I’m currently authoring a book on Crowdsourcing. Me and my research intern have been spending the better part of the month researching and writing. The book is taking shape very well. We are now throwing the doors open and encouraging you to be part of the book. Not just because the book is on crowdsourcing, but because I have…

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25 Jun 09

Announcing My New Book – CrowdsourcingTweet

A lot can be said in 140 characters. That’s the premise behind my new book, CrowdsourcingTweet. The book is a compilation of 140 tweets. Each tweet less than 140 characters. The book is part of the #Th!nkTweet Series published by HappyAbout, a California based publishing house. The inspiration behind the book stemmed from Rajesh Setty, my mentor and author of the first book in the…

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24 Jun 09