Advance Praise

“This concise and powerfully practical book provides provocative
answers to questions on the minds of every business leader today: ‘How
can I generate innovative ideas that power growth?’, ‘How can I tap into
the power of social networks?’, and ‘How can I use leverage to get more
done for less?’ You will thank Shankar and Levy for their insights.”
Richard Bravman, Chairman, Intellefl ex Corporation
“Crowdsourcing has become mainstream. Kiruba and Mitchell have
distilled their accumulated experience probably a hundred times to give
you 140 bite-sized nuggets. Very easy to read. Very hard to forget.”
Bastin Gerald, Founder and CEO, Apptivo
“Business leaders, take note: #CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01 is a
must-read for navigating today’s always-connected, social-everything
Sabrina Horn, President and CEO, Horn Group Inc.
“#CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01 is a really varied collection of
quotes that would intrigue anyone about crowdsourcing. It is well
organized and allows one to get a glimpse of how people from very, very
diff erent walks of life see the usefulness and importance of ‘sourcing to
the crowd.’ I guess it is perhaps more intuitive than one would be led to
imagine. By compiling this set of tweets, [the authors] will help increase
the several dimensions through which the art and craft of crowdsourcing
will be viewed in the future.”
Shishir K. Jha, Public Project Lead, Creative Commons India
Associate Professor, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT
“#CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01 harnesses the power of social media
to provide a holistic defi nition of crowdsourcing—and it’s a lighthearted
read! This co-created project is a must-read for anyone wanting a
comprehensive (and thought provoking) take on this disruptive trend.”
Philip Letts, Founder and CEO, blur Group™
“If you have struggled to keep up with all the new techniques that leverage
the Internet, this is one you don’t want to miss. After my fi fteen minute
easily digestible read of this book by Kiruba Shankar and Mitchell Levy,
I learned all about the benefi ts and ease of using this concept to drive
thought leadership.”
Peter Ostrow, Former New York Times Executive and CEO, Technical
“The human brain does its extraordinary work through a series of systems
from the molecular through the structural. #CROWDSOURCING tweet
Book01 reveals the power of many brains operating as a system. Why
would you not avail yourself of this extraordinary resource?”
Tim Tosta, Author of #DEATH tweet Book01 and #DEATH tweet
Book02, and one of California’s leading land use and environmental
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