As the author of two business and marketing books, a maverick marketer and former CMO of a Fortune 100 C-suite company, I know the power and infl uence social media followers can bring to any product, service, or company. Whether you crowdsource or friendsource, the power to wrangle that collective knowledge is amazing.

I’ve rustled up some of the best feedback and information from my company’s followers to drive simple product improvements or new products customers loved and bought like crazy and—best of all—increasing revenue. It’s about listening and responding in a relevant and timely way. You’ve then moved a step closer to the holy grail of marketing: the one-to-one relationship.

Authors Kiruba Shankar and Mitchell Levy share a vision of crowdsourcing worth examining and exploring. #CROWDSOURCING tweet Book01 demonstrates the benefi ts of collecting knowledge in bite-sized formats on key topics in a relatively quick fashion. Well-edited, this content provides a robust, consolidated view of the topic at hand. The crowdsourced content within the THiNKaha series may truly become the “Cliff Notes” of crowdsourcing and marketing for anyone in business.

Not only do I recommend reading this book, I encourage everyone to consider their own business experiences to create their own book in this series.

~ Jeffrey Hayzlett
Global Business Celebrity, Bestselling Author and Sometime Cowboy
Ex-Chief Marketing Officer of Eastman Kodak

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