This book is a group effort with much of the knowledge crowdsourced, the very idea that this book propagates. We have used quotes from very prominent experts in this field who are duly credited. A few more ideas were crowdsourced via Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Everyone’s contribution is duly acknowledged and credited. If for some reason, we have missed out, kindly let us know.

Mike Samson is a Founder of

Srini is a Blogger, story writer of Indian startups

Nalini Kumar Muppala is a Design Engineer at Communication Systems Solutions, LLC

Sandeep Varma is a Social Media Enthusiast

Richard Davies is a Correspondent ABC News Radio

Ashok Lalla is President – Digital, EuroRSCG. Author & Curator Of ‘The Future Of Digital For Brands’

Cellstrat is a  Management Consulting firm  who is specializing in Strategy and Solutions for Mobile and Social Media.

T R Santhanakrishnan is a Founder Chairman/CEO, TaurusQuest Services Private Limited

Saleem khan is a Pro journalist, news innovation consultant, Innovate News founder, chairman at CAJ technology observer, speaker, traveler; ex, CBC, Torstar, Metro Intl.Craplets.

Jeff Howe is a professor of journalism at Northeastern University and the founder of The Atlantic’s 1book140

Jason Spector is a creative and crowdsourcing connoisseur standing at the crossroads of user experience, community,design and social media

Helen Brown is a founder Catwalk Genius

Eric Schmidt is Executive Chairman of Google and a former member of the board of directors of Apple Inc.

Muhammad Bilal Siddiq is a CEO  in  Genex Business Solutions.

Rick Liebling is Director of Digital Strategy at Coyne PR,

David Kamerer is a professor of communications, Loyola University.

Colspark , http;//

Mohanraj CP is a Designer in  SAP Business Objects Architect & Solution

Tim Josly is a Founder of The Development Cloud and Provord,

Gunjan Rawal is a Developer Marketing Manager in Intel AppUp dev program at Intel Corporation.

Matthew Milan is a CEO of normativedesign & normativelabs,

Bill Joy is a American computer scientist, Co Founder Sun Microsystems

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