Almost every day, I receive questions about my various activities, be it work or the many projects that I undertake. Initially, I sought to answer each question individually. But now I just find it convenient to point them to this FAQ page.

I like questions. So feel free email them to or you can anonymously send them via this ASK section.

Here are questions & answers neatly segregated by sections.


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General FAQ

I looked at your projects website. How do you find the time to manage so many things?

The trick to doing many things in life is to enjoy doing each of them. When you enjoy a certain task, you’ll find time to do them. If you don’t, then you’d find excuses. That said, I have to say that my tastes are fleeting. I keep trying out new hobbies and take on new projects. Hence, it may *look* like I’m doing many things while in reality that may not be so. To see a list of my projects, take a look at

There’s no info about your educational qualification. Which course did you study? Which college?

I did my Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Instrumntation Enginering. See? I was so bad at it that I can’t even spell it right! 😉 I graduated from Siddaganga Institute of Technology at Tumkur, about 70kms from Bangalore. The college used to be under Bangalore University then. Loved college life. Can’t say the same for the course though.

Kiruba, I see that you are very interested in cycling. How and when did your tryst with cycling begin?

My earliest interest in cycling started not by looking a Tour de France champion or those BMX Hollywood movies. It’s a 70+ old man in my village, a very wealthy landlord, who would cycle many kilometers to his farm daily. My dad would always praise him and somehow it stuck to me that cycling is the route to success!!

Kiruba, what advice would you give for aspiring authors?

The biggest advice that I would give for any aspiring authors is not to be disappointed when they can’t find a publisher. While its nice to get a publisher, please remember that only a very small percentage of authors do. For the rest, there’s a sea of opportunity to be published and marketed via Amazon’s Kindle Publishing and Apple’s iBooks. You get to be present on two of the biggest book platforms in the World. Once you can prove that your books can sell well, you’d be surprised how easy it is to find a publisher for your second book.

What do you do for a living?

I’ve been surprised how many people ask me this question. I would have thought its obvious but apparently its not. So, here goes. I run Business Blogging which is a Social Media Consultancy firm where we strategize and execute digital strategies for corporates. I also cofounded F5ive Technologies, an Open Source Web Development Firm. I have gotten back to my family roots of Farming and currently work on my 7 acre farm called Vaksana Farms ( . I have recently gotten into digital books publishing books through my new firm, Verdure Books. Currently I publish my own books so that I eat my own dog biscuit. If it works out fine, will launch this as a service for others.

What time management tools do you use? Like any mobile apps, desktop applications, old-fashioned dairy etc., How do you manage your 24 hours on a normal work day? Or do you take one month or one week at a time? How do you do it? You seem to be doing more activities than many people I know (Blog, podcast, books, farming, photography, business, speaking, tweeting, traveling… and many more). So, Just curious?

That’s a great question. I don’t use any fancy time management tools. Honestly, too lazy to do it. A simple To-Do list works wonders. I try and follow the techniques suggested in the book ’18 Minutes’ Would strongly recommend this. As for doing many things, I’m a big fan of Derek Sivers’ policy of ‘Hell Yeah or No’. Only do things that your heart truly loves. The stuff that makes you truly thrilled. The trick is to say NO to things that you only like half-hearted. By saying NO to things, you life will be filled with ‘Hell Yeah’ moments. Would strongly recommend the book ‘Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers. The next best advice I have is to surround yourself with passionate people. Their enthusiasm rubs off on you. Hope this helps.

What are the tools (softwares, web apps, gadgets) that you use day to day for pod-casting, working etc ?

For audio podcasting, I use the fabulous Zoom H4n Handy Recorder to record and audacity software to edit. I host my podcasts at Mixcast and will soon host the at For Video podcasts, I use Canon 600d DSLR to record and use Adobe Premier Pro to edit. Host the videos at Vimeo and YouTube. The link is http://www.kiruba.TV.

any suggest or tips to freelancer in india?

The only solid tip that I can give any freelancer in India is to build your own personal brand. Its important to instill in the confidence to the prospective clients and they always prefer to work with people who they can trust. Simple things like your personal blog, corporate website, updated portfolios, relevant case studies, genuine testimonials, Linkedin recommendations are easy to ignore but very important when clients do a background check on you.


Yes. Fallen in love. Got jilted. Fell in love again. Succeeded. Married!

How much do you earn a month 🙂 truly an anonymous question

Appreciate the question but I’m keeping money and family off limits here. Cheers.

Sir,do you believe in GOD?

Yes, I do. While I’m an Hindu by birth, I love visiting Churches and Mosques in addition to temples. I know that God is just a figment of human imagination but I like the fact that the presence gives you comfort and a reason of hope.

I work for a corporate and i like hosting events,team building etc How do i improve my language and skill, what is your advice to improve this skill ?

It’s great to hear your interest in hosting events and team building and kudos for actioning your ideas. A great way to improve yourself as an event host is to carefully look at how other good hosts are doing. I personally believe you can learn a lot just by looking and noting down key ideas. Another way is by grabbing or creating opportunities to organise many events. The more events you organise, the more opportunities you get to practice new ideas and that’s how you become very good. Keep working at it deligently and soon you’ll start kicking arse.

Some are news presenters. Some are news makers. You belong to both classes. How did it happen / how does it feel ?

The answer is very simple. Do interesting things that you truly enjoy. Then, take the time to write down the experiences in an interesting manner. I’m a big fan of story telling and taking the readers on a journey along with you.

Has there been a point of time when you have got tired of Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) ? As much as it sounds cliched, good things must be given in small doses, right ?

Absolutely agree. I believe that Social Media is a wonderful communication and idea amplification platform. However, spending too much time online can actually make you dull and unsocial. It’s important to have an active real life and nice to stay unplugged sometimes.I have started practicing the habit of not logging onto any social network before 9 am. The early morning time is a time for me to write, think and plan for the day. Not having any online distractions has greatly helped me.

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Farm FAQ

Tell me more about the Residential Internship program?

I can spare time only during the weekends. Do you have volunteer visits then?

I live in another city/country. How can I contribute?

Why are you looking for volunteers? Is it not much simpler hiring local manpower in villages?

We would like to drive to this place on our own. Can you help us with directions?

If I volunteer, what’s in it for me?

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Comics FAQ

Why are you doing this? Are you not kind of old?!
Nah! Comics defy age. I still enjoy them as much as I did when I was a school kid.

What gave you the inspiration to start this project?
The children in my apartment. I realize that they don’t read much. Its either cramming school subjects or watching TV. Its important to inculcate the habit of reading and comics are a good way to start.

Why attempt the Limca Book of Records?
I wanted a bigger challenge. It has always motivated to perform better. My mentor always told me to have atleast three reasons while taking on a mission. The Limca Book of Records is one such reason. Just a day before I launched this project, Steve Jobs died. To me, taking on a bigger goal and achieving it will be a small tribute I can pay to this man.

I know this old-books store that has a collection of comics.
Awesome! Would love to hear more about it. We are trying to source comics from around the world. If you can help source them and send it across, would be much obliged. We have a modest budget allocated to purchase books.

Are you only looking for printed books or PDF versions too?
Oh, any version would do.

How many years do you think it will take you to finish your entire collection?
I’m guessing about 3 years. Its much easier to get the Tintins and Asterixs. Its those old editions of World War comics, MAD and Tarzan that will be a challenge.

Hey, I’d like to join you as part of the project? Can I?
Oh sure. Jump right in. This is a community project and would love to work as a team. Please get in touch.

Hey, you are missing many super heroes! Why are X-Men, Wolverines, Captain America not on your list?
I know. I like them but am giving preference to the ones that I grew up with. They have a strong emotional connect and I want to start off with the ones I relate the most.

How do you intend to get the very old, earliest versions of the comics? You know they cost a fortune, right?
We try and source comics on the cheap. Preferably something that is as close to free. I’m not a die-hard collector…you know like those rich dudes. Doing this more for passion and for a good cause.

I’m a comic lover. Can I borrow some of your stuff?
Nope but you are more than welcome to come join in and read it in our modest library in Chennai.

I’m a serious comics collector. I’m interested in buying certain books of yours.
Right now, I’m just starting off. It will take time to build an enviable collection. Instead of selling, am more open to bartering duplicate copies. This way, both of us benefit in our quest to build a full collection.
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Speaking FAQ


How will we know if Kiruba is free for the dates we’ve chosen?

The best way to is to check Kiruba’s speaking calendar. If there is no date clash, then fill out the speaker request form. It is best to book as far in advance as possible. You should hear back from his team shortly after you submit the form.

Can we meet with you before we book Kiruba?

Sure, Kiruba would be happy to meet up to discuss about the event and learn about your expectations. This is important. In case, meeting in person is difficult, then we can schedule a telephonic call.

Does Kiruba speak internationally?

Yes, he does. International speaking events may require visas or other legal paperwork to be completed. Please allow sufficient time to apply for and receive those, and be willing to supply the documentation necessary for the application.

How far in advance do we need to book Kiruba?

The sooner you book him, the more likely it is that he will be able to speak at your event. We suggest at least a month in advance. An year in advance is not too much! If it is short notice, he will do his best to accommodate you, however, please understand that his schedule is often set far in advance.

What happens if there is a cancellation?

If Kiruba is unable to speak due to an emergency or illness, he will arrange with you to change the date or find a replacement speaker for you. Your deposit will be refunded in full if he cancels the speaking engagement.


What topics does Kiruba speak on?

Kiruba speaks on Social Media, Personal Branding, Leadership and Motivation. Please see the topics page for detailed information.

What if we want a topic that’s not listed?

Most of the topics can be adapted to suit your theme. However, if you want something brand new and suited to your group, it is possible. Kiruba will need more time to prepare, and there may be an additional fee, depending on how intensive the topic is. This can be discussed. Please make note of it on the speaker booking form.

How long are the talks?

Kiruba’s talks range from 18 minutes (TED style) to 90 minutes for keynotes. The timing can be customized. Workshops can range from 1 hour to 7 hours.

What kind of humor does Kiruba use?

Kiruba uses only clean, non-offensive humor that will never embarrass the audience.


If you have to stay overnight, do we need to book your accommodation?

Yes, please. When Kiruba spends the night away from home he needs a good place to rest, sleep and prepare.


What are your speaking fees like?

It depends on on the type of talk, the size of your organization, and other details. When you have submitted the speaker booking form, you will get an email and/or phone call to discuss this.

Why does Kiruba charge?

Thanks for asking! The short answer is, Kiruba is a professional speaker and he charges for his expertise and time. Many people see the cost of a one hour session and think that is his hourly rate. Not so! For every hour of session, he spends many hours of preparation. There is travel time involved and there’s opportunity cost involved. Besides, speaking is part of his business.

What other expenses can we expect if we hire Kiruba?

All of them are outlined in the contract you will receive upon booking. They include things such as travel, accommodations, food, etc.

But we are an educational instituition and can’t afford to pay!

Kiruba does not charge professional fees to educational institutions for guest lectures. However, he strongly encourages financial contribution to The Watering Hole Foundation, a knowledge based NGO that he runs. Longer workshops require more time and effort on Kiruba’s part and will have a cost attached to it.


How should we get the word out about the event?

We recommend the following ways:

Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter and Blogs as a way to reach to your audience. Kiruba will spread the word in in his network.

Press Release: A join press release can be made and passed on to the media. Please see what IIT Madras has done to promote one of Kiruba’s talks.

Poster: Real world publicity still works. A well designed poster placed at the right watering holes is a good way to spread the word and draw in the crowd.

Emailer : A well designed email newsletter sent to the right target audience always works well.

Reminder: A day before the event, it is always prudent to send a reminder email to all the registered participants. It ensures better turn-out.

Will Kiruba be available for book signings after his talk?

Yes, Kiruba will be happy to stay back to sign books. Organizers can order his books in advance.

Do you have any suggestions for making the event successful?

There are several things you can do to make it more likely to be successful. Please see the checklist page for suggestions.

What if I have other event-related questions that are not covered here?

No problem. We’ll be happy to assist you with any additional information you might need. Please contact us at your convenience and ask away.

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Cycling FAQ

What cycle do you ride?
I ride a Schwinn Searcher. It’s a hybrid. You can learn more about it here.

Your cycle looks so pedestrian. Why didn’t you pick up one of those sexy looking racing road bikes?
True. Hybrids are no where near sexy. However, they score high when it comes to riding comfort. I have always felt uncomfortable riding road bikes within the city. Often get neck pains because of the bent handle-bars and the hunkered down position.

How many gears does your bike have?
21 gears. 3 in front and 7 behind. Shimano gears. The best in business.

Did you actually cycle to work everyday?
Yup. I did that for over 8 years. Cycled 22 kms every day. Both ways.

When you cycle to work, won’t you stink from the sweat?
True. I sweat profusely in the Chennai weather and that makes me stink like a pig. Thankfully, the office I was going to (Sify at Tidel Park) were kind enough to have a shower room at work. I would have a wonderful refreshing shower and head to work. Yup, I always take along a change of dress and shoes.

How do you manage to ride in the Chennai heat among all the pollution and traffic?
Actually, its not that bad. The traffic actually makes cycling a lot safer as the other vehicles can’t over speed. When I cycle to work, I actually take the same amount of time I take to drive during rush hour !!

I want to begin cycling. Which cycle would you recommend I buy?
Depends on your budget. If the budget is low, then a BSA or a Hero has good MTB and Hybrids. If you can dig deep into your pocket, a Cannondale or a Schwin is a good choice.

Where does one find about the Cycling events happening in India?
I don’t have a clear cut answer. The way I get to know about events is through mailing lists of cycling groups. Most major cities have cycling groups. You might want to google up and find the group and subscribe. Sorry, can’t be of much help here.

I heard that cycling makes one impotent. Is that true?
Untrue. Its a myth. Ask Lance Armstrong. He fathered a few kids (and he had just one testicle). However, it helps to get some good accessories. The best I would recommend are padded cycling shorts. I strongly recommend them. They make a huge difference. I also use a cushioned seat. So, don’t worry about the impotency. Infact, on the contrary, cycling makes you really fit and actually helps your sex life!

[/wptab] [wptab name=’Sponge Book’]

Sponge Book FAQ

How do you go about choosing the achievers?
We go by recommendations from people like you. There are so many amazing people around that we don’t know and we look up to you to point them out. While recommending please make sure to note the one great quality or habit you admire in that person.

Are you only highlighting one great quality in each achiever? Why?
Yes, we stick to just one great quality in a person. The reason why we do this is so that it forces us to think hard and choose the best quality in that person instead of just making a list. It also helps us to get in a diverse set of people in.

What is friendsourcing?
Oh, add friends and crowdsourcing and there you have it. This is a project where we look upto our friends for suggestions and help to identify great qualities that we must learn from others.

I’m interesting in being a friend of this project. How do I contribute to the book?
That’s great to hear. There are many ways how you can contribute to this book project. You can suggest a achiever and the one great quality you admire in him or her, you can help interview the achiever and document the habit for the book, you can help proof-read and edit the book, you can help design posters… oh there’s so much you can do. Please do get in touch with us and we would love to have you as part of the team.

I know this really awesome person and I love that one particular quality about him. How do I nominate him to be featured in this book?
Simple. Just head over to this page.

Sounds interesting. I’d like to pre-order a copy. When is the book getting published?
This is a 6 months project. Expect the book to hit the stands on the first week of April, 2012.

How did you come up with the idea for this book?
It’s an interesting story. Here it is.
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Antiques FAQ

How did your interest in antiques start?
I hail from a village where we stayed in an ancestral home with old stuff all over. I woke up to the wonderful music of M.S.Subbulakshmi’s Subrabatham from an old Gramaphone LP player. I grew up with the hourly chime from the pendulum powered grandfather clocks. To me, antiques reminds me of my childhood days and its a nostalgic journey.

I recently visited a wonderfully restored hotel in Yercaud that was originally built in the 1860s. Its owner, Vishu Kaliappa, had decorated it with wonderful curios and antiques that he had collected over the years. I absolutely loved the feel of the place. It triggered a huge interest in collecting things that are antique.

Where do you usually pick the antiques from?
I picked most of the antiques from the couple of antique shops in Moore Market in Chennai and Mutton Street at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai. I did visit a few upmarket shops in Bangalore that has a wonderful collection of antiques but they are extremely overpriced. I prefer picking it up from small antique shops and flea markets rather than high-end shops. Half the joy of owning an antique is the bargaining and haggling and finally coming to a win-win end.

Where can I take a look at all your antique collections?
I have photographed each every antique items that I’ve collected so far. You can find them all in this collection here. In addition to antiques, I’ve also added retro stuff from the 60s and 70s.

What is your most prized collection?
It’s the century old Commodore Large Format Camera. Its a mahogany wooden camera with nickeled artwork and a wonderfully calibrated tripod.

What is the difference between Antiques and Retro?
From what I have understood, Antique stuff are over a century old or at-least close to a century. Retro stuff is more recent, typically from the 60s and 70s.

What criteria do you use while picking up antiques?
While buying an antique, I trust my heart and gut feeling. I never buy any antique for its resale value or its appreciation value. Once I pick up an antique, it stays with me for life. Hence, I’m very careful in what I pick.

I’m also conscious that antiques can be a space gobbler and hence I have been conscious of finding them a good place in my home that can be displayed.

Unlike hardcore antique collector who have themed collection ( example, all models of clocks), I focus on variety. I prefer having different items.

I like a particular piece that you have. Would you be willing to sell it to me?
Not unless you are giving me a price I can’t refuse. Nah, just kidding. I don’t intend to sell any of my collection. Selling them and making a profit was never the intention.

I’m interested in collecting antiques. What advice would you give me?
The best advise is to follow your heart. If a particular antique warms the cockles of your heart, then pick it up. It’s the enjoyment value that’s more important than anything else.

Remember that in antique collection, the journey is more important than the destination. The process of searching, researching, finding, bargaining is as crucial as just bagging it. So enjoy the entire process.

Certain antiques hold special memories for people. For example, I was very focused on getting an old Seth Thomas pendulum clock because we used to have one in our ancestral home when I was a small kid. For you, it might be different. Like I started the answer, just follow your heart. And enjoy the journey!

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Business Cards FAQ

Why business cards?
Business cards can be a very powerful medium to network and expand business. A great business card sets you apart from the rest. So I want to collect such creative cards and create brilliant ones myself.

How many cards do you have in your collection now?
I have about 5 cards at present. This is just the beginning. I want it to grow much bigger over many years.

Are there others who do similar collections?
May be. But none that I am aware of.

Where do you draw inspiration for your new card ideas?
From a sizeable collection of cards, I hope to draw the most creative ideas and implement them in my new cards. Of course, they will be modified to suit individual interests and preferences.

How can I help?
If you have any creative business cards, or know of people who have such cards, get in touch with me. I would love to take your help!

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Colonial Bungalows FAQ

1) What is the project all about?
A : The project deals with identifying beautiful colonial bungalows, documenting their richness and significance to be published in a book titled ‘Colonial Bungalows’

2) Why are you undertaking this project?
A : As a child, I have been fascinated by history and I see such bungalows as living testimony to our historic past. The claustrophobic living in cities has drawn me towards the calm and space of bungalows. But to my dismay, such wonderful bungalows are facing the bulldozer. So I see this project as a means to document their existence so that the future generations benefit.

3) How will you get information of bungalows from many countries?
A : The team working on the project will travel to different places, visiting many bungalows. That apart, we intend to crowdsource the project. Individuals who are interested in the idea can contribute photos, videos, postcards, documentaries etc of bungalows in their own cities or towns.

4) How can I get involved?
A : You can be a part of the project in many ways. For more details, check write an email to with an appropriate subject. I will get back in touch with you.

[/wptab] [wptab name=’ASK’]


Why this ‘ASK’ section? Isn’t the contact page sufficient for people to send in the questions?
No, its not. I wanted an exclusive section that *encourages* people to send in their questions.

What is the REAL objective of this ‘Ask’ site?
Ah! I noticed the emphasis on the word real! 🙂 There are two objectives. The first is about my emphasis on generating original content. Answering people’s questions is a good way to do that. The second is its a time saving technique. The questions will help build a very comprehensive repository in the FAQ section and I don’t have to end up answering the same questions again.

Will you answer all the questions asked?
I will honestly try and answer as many questions as possible. However, I can’t guarantee that I will answer all the questions.

What if somebody asks you a really nasty question?
I don’t mind critical questions. Infact, I encourage them. However, questions that are intended to hurt will be given the silent treatment.

Why have you made the question form anonymous?
This was done deliberately. I wanted people to feel comfortable asking questions. People can always mention their name as part of the question if they want to be identified.

What will be the turn-around time for your answers?
To be on the safe side, I’d say 3 days. I will however try to answer them as early as possible. So, a heads up to you to be patient.

I would rather ask you questions directly on the phone. Can I do that?
Nah! I don’t prefer phone calls. Questions via email and the ASK form is more efficient. It gives me the liberty to answer the questions at my convenience.

[/wptab] [wptab name=’Unkick the Bucket Book’]

Unkick the Bucket Book FAQ

Why are you doing this experiment?
Its an attempt to figure out what is important to us in our lives.

What motivated you to start this project?
This amazing 5 minute TED talk by Ric Elias who survived the Hudson river plane crashlandng. This video really got me thinking and sparked the idea.

Have anyone else done a similar project?
Maybe. I’m not sure. If you do come across, please do let us know. Thanks.

Where can I follow the progress of this project?
The best place would be the blog. Follow the updates here at

How can we help?
Thank you for asking. There are many ways how you can help. This page has some info. Please reach out to me at +91.9841597744 or
[/wptab] [wptab name=’Charge Book’]

Charge Book FAQ

1) What is the inspiration behind the book?

I heard Steve Job’s address at the convocation at Stanford and I was inspired. I wondered how much inspiration an individual can draw from a book that is simply the compilation of inspirational speeches. So I decided to bring together quotes from distinguished persons, who are well known in their own field.

2) How did you go about writing this book?

I first created a list of the top 50 speakers at the top Graduate Schools. I obtained the transcripts for each of the speeches. As they ran into many pages, I identified the most motivating quote and obtained concise excerpts from the speeches. And the book took great shape immediately.

3) What is the ultimate objective of the book?

Anyone who picks up this book and reads it must be inspired. At the end of the reading experience, he/she must not just be motivated to strive for excellence but also learn to ask important questions. In short, it must be a thought provoking exercise.

4) Where can I buy this book?

The book will be available in all leading book stores by July 2012.

5) Did you gain something in the process of writing the book?

[/wptab] [wptab name=’Vinyl Records’]

Vinyl Records FAQ

Where do you source all the records from?

Most of the records have been from Antique shops in Moore Market in Chennai. Its right next to the Central Railway station. I hand picked each of the records from the shop on the ground floor owned by an elderly gentleman called Appadurai. He, along with another relative, does a full time business of selling old records.

Are all the records in playing condition?

Not all of them. Some are in decent condition but some are scratched beyond repair. What I valued more were the sleeves or covers and making sure that the records are original.

How did you get started with this habit of collecting records? What has been your inspiration?

It was a chance meeting with Vishu Kaliappa at Yercaud that whipped up my interest in vintage collection. I had a fascination for it right from my young days but watching him transform a dilapidated 1860s building into an astoundingly beautiful heritage hotel made a profound impact in me. What truly gave character to the place was the vintage collectibles… old photographs, leopard skins, old lamps, yesteryear furniture etc. He told me that these were a lifetime collection that came in handy when he wanted to spruce up the place. I had wanted to revamp my home too and the idea of collecting vintage items tied in beautifully. That’s what sparked the interest in me.

How much do the records cost to buy?

The cost of record varies depending on the sound quality, condition of the sleeve, the year it was manufactured and the artist. I prefer not to quote the price as I feel it does not do justice to the collection.

I’m a collector myself. Will you be willing to sell some of them to me?

Nope. I don’t intend to sell any records. However, I’m open to exchanges.

What Gramaphone player have you got?

An old remake of ‘His Master’s Voice’.

I know someone who wants to dispose off their old collection. Would you be interested?

A resounding YES. Please do get in touch with me

[/wptab] [wptab name=’   Olympics Book   ‘]

Olympics Book FAQ

Why did you choose the theme Olympics?
Olympics is the pinnacle of sports events. Its Mt.Everest equivalent of sports. Ask any sports person and he or she will tell you that participating, let alone winning a medal, is precious. It motivates them like no other and that’s where amazing stories of success, failure, perseverance, rebound and sportsmanship come about. Its such a fertile ground for inspiring stories. That’s why I chose the Olympics.

How did the idea of writing this book come about?

The idea for this book came about when I was working on another book titled , ‘CHARGE‘. That book was about inspiring life-lessons from commencement speeches. While I was doing the researching, I noticed some of the most powerful lessons actually came from sports coaches. So, why not focus an entire book on lessons from sports. The fact that Olympics is also right around the corner made the decision so much more easier.

I love the photo of the book cover. Absolutely smart idea.
Thanks. The five ties was the perfect symbolism of both the Olympic Logo and the corporate life. Its a pictorial representation of how lessons from Olympics can greatly help one succeed in corporate and in life.

When will the book hit the stands?
The book is slated for release on July 20th, 2012. The paperback versio of the book can be bought from my site We are trying our best to get the book on FlipKart, InfiBeam and IndiaPlaza.

Will the book be available in Kindle and iBooks versions?
Yes, definitely. I’m a big believer that the future of book distribution lies online. We will definitely have the book available on as a Kindle version and in the iTunes store as an iBook version. The iBook version will have lots of videos embedded as well.

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