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Kiruba Shankar

Wonderful Andhra Dinner & A Great Cook Book

From left to right: Pratiba Jain, Jigyasa Giri and Pedatha

Pratiba and Jigyasa did something I had long wanted to do. Capture Grandma’s expertise in a book. Let me explain. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are exceptional cooks and they can churn out recipes like only they can. And they have treasure trove of memories. I always wanted to capture their thoughts but never could.

So, when I heard about these two friends who did just that, I had all admiration for them. I should thank Prabodh Jain for introducing me to them. Their book is a compilation of receipes painstakingly gleaned together from the divine looking Pedatha ( short for Pedha atha meaning Elder aunt). The fact that she is the daughter of V.V.Giri, ex-president of India, only adds to the aura.

I was invited to a lovely dinner by them and I must tell you that it’ll be an evening I’ll remember for a very long time. Authentic andra food is something I can kill for. Add to that an interesting conversation of their experiences just made it even better.

This self-published book is the fruit of two years of labour. Learn more about it at www.pritya.com.

The wonderful andra spread that I was treated to.

Cycling Chennai to Pondy & Back in a Day

Shree & Karthik, an IITian, are planning to start early morning at 3:00AM this Saturday, July 1st, from Chennai to Pondicherry. They plan to head back and reach Chennai the same day at about 10:00 at night. That’s about 320 kms in a single day. Doable, especially since the East Coast Road is a pleasure to ride on.

I’d have loved to join but I have already planned a trip out of the city this weekend.

If you want to join this expedition, send an email to Shree.

Podcast: Listen To My Conversation With Ram Viswanathan

The podcast is on Ram’s site.

Ram and I met up at his luxurious house tucked in one of the quietest neighbourhoods at Alwarpet. It was an interesting meeting. The fact that both of us are just getting started off with podcasts and are pretty passionate about it greatly helped in the synergy.

It was a wonderful learning experience. I got to learn about the audio spliter which helps two audio inputs into a single mic jack. I simply must get that from Ritchie street. And oh, also two collar mics as well. We also discussed having an amplifier and analyzer (like how those fancy sound engineers do) and that’s ofcourse will get listed in the long wishlist.

Once we set everything up, we started off with the podcast recording. Ram had obviously done his homework well. I saw a printed sheet full of questions. He, wisely, didn’t show me the questions in advance. In a way it helped in keeping my answers impromtu and natural, though not eloquently enough.

Anyways, do listen to the podcast chat. And do drop in your comments for improvements. Thanks in advance. Someday soon, we hope to share our learnings for everyone’s benefit.

Podcast: Listen to Guy Kawasaki

I woke up bright and early at 4:00 in the morning. I had set up a interview schedule with Guy and sure enough it took place, albeit an hour late. Guy had to pick up his kids from School.

In this 19 minutes interview, Guys explains his blogging experiences, his stint at Apple and about his VC company. There were not so easy questions like why he is 5 years late to blogging and why he had to leave apple when it gave him so much personal branding.

Listen to the interview. If you’d rather download it on to your computer or iPod, here’s the link.

Got Questions for… err… Me?

Ram Viswanathan, the high flying senior exec at IBM, who blogs at ChennaiLiving wants to do podcast interview with me. And he’s inviting questions. So, if you ever wanted to ask me anything, you know where to go.

In addition to blogging and podcasting, Ram and I share a common interest in running. The only difference is that he continues to practice every week while I don’t! 🙂

We’re meeting up at his home on Thursday evening for a friendly chat where we will tinker around with the recording. Should be fun.