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Kiruba Shankar

Social Networks help in reaching out to people

This is an excellent example of how Social Networks help in reaching out to people who you think are otherwise unreachable. Just hours after I learned of Gary Briggs taking over as Chief Marketing Officer of Facebook, I wrote to him with a request to interview him for Kiruba.TV. He promptly replied and requested me to approach Facebook PR team which is the right thing to do for a guy in a new job. I did and received a short but nicely worded email, “Hi Kiruba: Ana here from Facebook’s PR team. Thanks for reaching out, but we will need to pass on the interview opportunity.”.

First, Kudos to the team at FB for being extremely prompt in their replies. Second, even though it didn’t work out, its amazing how easy it is to reach and connect with people. All we need to do is take the effort to reach out.

Need Your Help : Trying to Source Wire-Cut Bricks

Photo : Donnr MB

I have always loved houses that have earthy looks. Houses with exposed bricks have fascinated me. For long, I have been imagining living in such a house. Now, that I’m closer to the dream, I’d like to make it happen.

We bake our own hand-made bricks in our farm but they cannot be used for exposed walls. For cemented walls, they are quite good but not for exposed ones. Hence, looking outside.

The wire-cut bricks are usually machine made. They are compressed and hence much stronger and heavier. More importantly,  they have sharp edges which are essential for a good looking exposed brick wall.

However, I’m having difficulty in sourcing good grade Wire-Cut bricks. The best ones are either available in Kerala or in Karnataka. The travel costs tend to be prohibitive.

Do you know anyone who makes these wire-cut bricks in Tamilnadu? Preferably somewhere closer to Chennai or Tindivanam. Alternatively, any reference to an architect or a builder who might have a lead would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. I can be reached at 9841597744 and Kiruba(@)Kiruba.com.

Visiting Prabhu at the Hospital

After his operation, I finally got to visit Prabhu at the hospital this evening. The hospital staff would let in only two people in the morning and two in the evening during the half hour ‘visitor hours’ time. I had to wait my turn after all the relatives are done.

When I went in, Prabhu was awake and in good conscious state. Usually, he would be in a drowsy state because of all the medications.

I was not sure whether photography within the critical care unit was allowed and so checked with the ‘sister’. I told her that there are many people who have helped financially and there are many more who are interested in seeing Prabhu. She immediately gave permission. That’s her checking Prabhu when he complained that he has chest pain while talking.

Prabhu’s left cheek had been scraped from the fall but is healing fast. He is still not able to freely turn around because of injury to his neck and the spinal cord. During operation, the doctors have strengthened the spinal cord with a steel rod to give it support.

I leaned toward Prabhu’s ears and told him of all the financial support that we were able to collect to meet his hospital expenses. He wanted to convey his thanks to all (and as he spoke these words, his eyes began to well up). The ‘sister’, seeing his tears immediately asked me to step aside and told me that if be begins to cry or weep, he might develop cold and cough. And if he coughs, it would be terribly hurting for him. I didn’t bring up the topic again.

Prabhu’s legs have heavy bandage around his knees. He still has no sensation below his hips. After about four to five days, he may be shifted to CMC Vellore for further treatment on doctor’s recommendation. I’m told that the physiotherapy dept is one of the best around.

Prabhu’s room has been changed to Room# 23 in the critical care unit of Apollo Hospital.

I will continue the update on Prabhu’s health at the wiki.

The Amazing Act of Kindness of SRM College Students

The students of SRM Engineering college have helped collect over one lakh rupees towards Prabhu’s hospital expenses. Towards the end of this post, I’ll tell you why this act of kindness is so special.

In this picture, Shailendra, a student representative from SRM Engg college hands over the contributions cheque to Prabhu’s parents. Let me hasten to add that it was very awkward for me to ask request them for a photograph. I had to do it. It was important to let others know of the tremendous help that students are doing.

And here’s why this help is so very special. None of the students from SRM know about Prabhu. They have never seem him much like most of you. Prabhu is a student of Mohd.Sadak Engineering college. The SRM guys will only know how Prabhu looks like when I mail them the photographs.

A couple of student voluneteers from Mohd.Sadak had gone to SRM and requested their friends out there to help. A few compassionate students from SRM took up this task and spread the word around the campus and helped collect Rs.1.03 lakhs. Notice carefully that the cheque has been drawn in the name of Apollo Hospitals to make sure that the money goes only for the hospital expenses. They also gave Rs.5000 in cash knowing that the parents might need cash for other expenses.

I had goosebumps. I was amazed at the maturity of the students.