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Kiruba Shankar

Flowering trees for our Farm

Multiplying the Life of a Murdered Tree

A young, healthy flowering tree was mercilessly killed near our home. I always admired it for its flowers and never figured why would anyone get rid of it. Anyways, I collected all the chopped branches, removed the drying leaves and loaded them in my car. Am taking them to our farm to plant them. These branches quickly sprout when planted. A good way to seek revenge is to get 10 lives one of one murdered tree.

The healthy tree. Every morning, while walking my dog, I always admired this guy. Beautiful leaves, lovely shade of green and lovely flowers. — in Virugambakkam.

The chopped parts of the tree. — in Virugambakkam.

I collected all the branches and stripped out the drying leaves. — in Virugambakkam.

I loaded them in the trunk of my car and this will soon be given fresh lease of life at our farm. — in Virugambakkam.

Terrace Gardening Using Bamboo

I’m a great fan of Terrace Gardening and I liked what was done on top of this building on Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai. The thick foliage of bamboo acts as an effective visual screen from the hustle and bustle of the traffic below.

I’ve been planning to do a similar thing on top of our apartment terrace. If you know a good horticulturalist who can help guide on the right way to go, please do let me know. Thanks in advance.

The Tree Planting Initiative

A bunch of us are planting tree saplings this evening at 3:00 PM. I shot a short video (4 minutes) using my N82 showing the different saplings we have grown. Give it a spin.

As always, a small trick to view smooth video is to hit play and then hit the pause button. Let the video load up for a few minutes and then click play.

The tree planting program takes place at the Garodia Government School at Virugambakkam. It’s about 1.5 kms from the Vadapalni bus stand. Anyone interested in greenification of the city is welcome to come give a helping hand. For directions and details you can either call me at 98415 97744 or call Mullai Vanam at 93821 84310. I know its a working day and most of you can’t make it. Do help spread the word around.

Here’s Mullai, the ever-energetic guy who stays close to my apartment and he’s been instrumental in the green drive. Here he is attending to the saplings.

For the tree planting program, I will be there for only about half hour before I head out to the meeting with the students from Michigan State University and then to the SRM University. Wish I could stay longer. If any of you are interested in, buzz me.