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TED Crowdsources Speaker Selection. Next Audition in Bangalore.

When I first heard about TED Auditions, it perfectly made sense. I have organized a few TEDx events and attended a few more and I can tell you that some speakers were so outstanding that they truly deserved the main TED stage.

TED is launching a World-Wide hunt for amazing speakers via auditions in 14 cities (Amsterdam, Bangalore, Doha, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New York, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Tunis and Vancouver). The auditions are physical events that take place between April and June.

The auditions for India have been announced and takes place on May 20th in Bangalore.

As one of the Global TEDx Ambassadors, I look forward to playing my part by spreading the word and recommending some awesome Doers (who are also excellent communicators) from India.

There are many TED supporters in India and if you are one of them, please take a moment to suggest a deserving speaker who deserves the limelight. More than TED, you would be doing that individual a big favor. Its time we collaboratively, unearthed some hidden jewels in our group.

Please note that Bangalore is the only city in India where the auditions will take place. However, the hunt for awesome speakers is Pan-India. So, no matter what city you live in, please look around your community and recommend names.

TED is looking for the following people. See if it rings a bell.

THE INVENTOR : sharing an innovation with world-changing potential

THE TEACHER : sharing valuable knowledge in a memorable way – to teenagers or adults

THE PRODIGY : young talent ready to break out

THE ARTIST : who can showcase their work in a compelling, new way (Don’t just talk about it. Show us your work!)

THE PERFORMER : music, dance, comedy, drama… or something entirely different

THE SAGE : wisdom the world needs from those who have learned it the hard way

THE ENTHUSIAST : with an infectious passion about a topic they can share

THE CHANGE-AGENT : helping shape the world’s future with work that matters

THE STORY-TELLER : vivid, original, meaningful … with a talent for connection

THE SPARK : with a powerful idea worth spreading

Learn more about TED 2013 Auditions.

TEDxWWW : Global Get-together of TEDx Organizers

One of the best news I have heard today is the announcement of an awesome event, the TEDxWWW. The ‘WWW’ expands to World Wide Workshop, a global event exclusively for the TEDx Organizers around the world.

Ever since I started becoming active in the TEDx community, one of the things that puts me in awe is TED’s ability to think big. Pulling together an event for TEDx organizers around the World is no joke. There are over 2000 TEDx events in almost every country around the World.

Let me tell you why I respect this event so much. In India, there have been discussions within the TEDx organizers community to have one national event which brings together all the TEDx organizers. This brings in the challenge of fixing a date that is comfortable for everyone, fixing a venue that’s easy for people to get to, organizing stay, working out the logistics and much more. While organizing a TEDx event in the city is an effort, it takes even greater effort to pull together a national event. The geographical distance and the ability to make it easy for everyone to come will be key.

Now to see someone do the same event but on a Worldwide scale deserves my utmost respect. This is one MASSIVE event. Kudos to the TED staff, members of Doha Film Institute and the TEDx volunteers.

TEDxWWW, hosted by the Doha Film Institute, is a three-day event convening in Doha, Qatar, and commencing on April 16th, 2012. According to TED website, TEDxWWW will be a private event, open only to members of the global TEDx community, together with the TED team. It will be an opportunity to connect, share best practices, discuss local and regional strategies and brainstorm new ideas and collaborations.

TEDxDoha, curated by TED, DFI and the global TEDx community, will take place on April 20, immediately following TEDxWWW. The event will feature speakers and performers from the Middle Eastern region as well as other parts of the world, recommended by the TEDx community.

In California from Feb 6 – 16

It’s not often that one gets to attend a TED.  The combination of exclusive and expensive makes it hard to get.   After I attended TEDindia at Mysore,  I was so smitten by my experience that I made it my goal to attend one more TED.  So, when I got an invite to participate and speak in TEDActive in Palm Springs, CA, I dived in head first.

Here’s how my schedule roughly looks like.

Feb 7 & 8 – Los Angeles

Feb 9 – 13 – Palm Springs at TEDactive

Feb 14 – 16 – San Francisco

At both LA and SFO, I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends and interesting people.  Please ping me at Kiruba@Kiruba.com or +91.9841597744 if you would be game for a meet up.   At LA,  I’m also looking for a couch to crash at.

While I’ve been to California before, I never really took the time out to see around LA or SFO in detail. I’d love to hear from you on interesting places to visit.  I generally tend to avoid very touristy places.   In addition to places, I’m also very eager to meet achievers that I’d like to profile at the Cerebrate book.

Thanks in advance for your help.