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Can You Help Donate Your Old Pair of Shoes?

Photo: bilalsun

Teammates at the Chennai Ultimate Frisbee are banding together to collect old pairs of shoes and donating them to IndiCorps, a non-profit organization that’s helping under-priveleged slum children.

The Chennai Ultimate Frisbee team had travelled to Ahmedabad to play a friendly tournament when they found a few kids in the Ahmedabad team play barefoot. The kids had excellent skills and this got a few of the team members to think what they could achieve if they had good support.

The team members have begun an ‘Used Shoe Program’, with each of them adding a pair of their used shoes. I rummaged through my pile and found a pair that can be used. Will have them cleaned up and hand them over during the next game.

If you would like to contribute your old pair, please coordinate with Karthikeyan (KK) who is spearheading this initiative. He can be reached at karthikeyan.vijayakumar @ gmail.com and 9884217276.

IndiCorps is helping over 7000 kids. So, any shoe size is ok. Right from tiny tots to the big sized ones. What would be nice though is if you could help wash the shoe once and giving it in a usable condition. Thanks in advance.

Pics From the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Ultimate Frisbee is my latest fave sport. It’s fun, aggressive, energetic and more importantly oozes with sportsmanship and team spirit. Hence its a pity that after training hard over the last few weeks, I had miss out the tournament.

The Hindu wanted to do a story on this new sport and they came over to catch us in action. This was a good opportunity for the folks at Chennai Photography Club to seek out subjects in action. And boy, have they done good or what!

The new logo for the Chennai Ultimate Frisbee. The members came out with different options and the logo was democratically chosen.

That’s Mahendran a.k.a The Diver in action. You can see the Schmidt’s Memorial at the background.

Sukrit does a Yuvraj Singh!

That’s my team, The Reds. Damn! Feel bad for not being part of it.

Game in progress! Fighting it out for the disc. The game is basicially a non-contact sport but at times you can’t help it.

The RedBull girls were there to provide ‘pushti’.

Colorful group indeed!

Participating in This Year’s Rowing Regatta Championship

Last evening, I went to the Madras Boat Club to look at how people are training for the forthcoming Merchants & Bankers Regatta. I got sucked into a vortex of nostalgic thoughts.

After all, for four years, I have been living and breathing this sport. When I was with Sify, I helped captain the team to three championship titles. The team ultimately went on undefeated for six straight years, a record in the 140 years of Boat Club history. After Sify, the companies I joined didn’t show any interest in rowing and hence was out of the rowing circuit. Now that I’ve started my own, it’s a lot easier to make decisions! 🙂

I’ve been close to a lot of officials, especially the captains of the boat. And even more closer to the laskars, the caretakers of the boats. They all insisted that I should come and participate in the championship this year. I called up my colleague, an oarsman himself, and it took us two seconds to come to the decision to participate. The rowing spirit grabs you and there’s no escaping it.

And so, here we are. Back in one of most prestigious corporate regattas in the country.

Me and my green horn team will start our training from Monday onwards. The championship races will be held mid September. So, this gives us about two months of practice time. A little short. The other teams already have a months head start.

I know we will get thrashed this year. Our team strength will be one fifth of the other teams. But the joy is in giving the teams a run for their money.

Personally for me, the next two months is going to be awesome from an exercise perspective. From Monday till Friday, it’ll be rowing practice. On Saturday, it will be Ultimate Frisbee. On Sunday, it’ll be the marathon practice. Life is good.

Here are some of the photos from the Boat Club. More photos here.

I’m Half Left-Handed Now But I Must ‘Moov’ On!

The photo taken outside the radiology dept at Sooriya Hospital while waiting for X-Ray to be taken of my right shoulder.

Last Saturday, while playing Ultimate Frisbee, I tried practicing a couple of diving catches. All this after the game was over. In other words, those were unnecessary. During one of the dives, as I landed on the beach sand heavily, I heard something crack on my right shoulder followed by searing pain. I knew I was in trouble.

I suspected a dislocation or a hairline fracture. But thankfully there was no swelling and I knew it had to be a muscle pull. However, the pain refused to subside and I could not lift my right hand even after two days.

You see, one of my grand-uncle dislocated his hand when he was young but failed to take any medical assistance. He waited for a few weeks thinking it would get OK naturally. That slight dislocation of his forearm had set and the doctors couldn’t do anything. His right hand is now useless.

That incident freaked me out. I decided to play safe and visited the hospital. An X-Ray and inspection later, the doctor ruled out any dislocation or hairline fracture but confirmed a muscle tear. It would take a couple of weeks for it to heal.

I can write and type, albeit a little pain. But I can’t lift my hands. So, simple things like wearing a t-shirt requires assistance and squirming of my face in pain. My first day of physiotherapy starts today. Might have to miss games this weekend.

So, What is Ultimate Frisbee? Watch the Video.

Quite a few had written to me asking about ‘Ultimate Frisbee’. I figured this video below will give you a glimpse of the game. It’s a cross between American Football & Basketball.

I may have told this before, but let me say it again. It’s an amazing sport. Last weekend was my first game and I have already gotten sucked into it. It’s also quite a tiring game.

Kartikeyan, who is part of the team, strapped on his heart-rate meter just to check. And here are the readings.

Average heart rate during the game – 188 beats per min!!
Highest rate touched – 202 beats per min!!

During marathons, the average heart rate is 170 bpm. Well, you get the picture!

We’re playing the game tomorrow morning at 5:20 am and will play every Saturday at Elliots Beach.

The unofficial rules require at least two girls in every team. We haven’t found them yet. It’s a non-contact sport and I’d encourage girls to give the sport a try.

Take a look at the video. Especially, don’t miss the action at 2:35 into the video. Reminded me of Jonty Rhodes.