Visiting Prabhu at the Hospital After his operation, I finally got to visit Prabhu at the hospital this evening. The hospital staff would let in only two people in the morning and two in the [...]

The Amazing Act of Kindness of SRM College Students The students of SRM Engineering college have helped collect over one lakh rupees towards Prabhu’s hospital expenses. Towards the end of [...]

Turning Adversity into an Advantage We all have a lot to learn from Alexis Leon. He’s the guy who has grabbed life from the jaws of death. In 1993, Alexis, who was then working as systems [...]

We Have Made a Difference Together, we have helped collect Rs.1.9 lakhs for a boy who really needed help. That’s 839% more than what we originally planned to collect. Its a major help for [...]

Prabhu’s Operation a Failure (If you are new here, please click here and scroll down to read about Prabhu and how we are trying to help him) Prabhu’s operation got over at 2:30 pm [...]

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