Rettani village is a quaint little picture-postcard village about 17 kms from Tindivanam in Tamilnadu, India. Rettani is a play on the tamil words ‘ Irattai Anai’ which means ‘Two Dams’, an indication that the village is sandwiched between two rivers.

The village, like others, is heavily based on agriculture. Its famous for its mango groves with over a dozen popular varieties grown. Casurina plantation is by far the most prevalent.

Rettani is my maternal grand-parents’ place and this place has a lot of childhood memories for me.

How to Get Here

By Road: From Tindivanam, head towards the direction of Villupuram. After 10 kilometers from Tindivanam, you’ll come across a place called Kooteripattu. Its a four cross road junction and its quite easy to miss if you weren’t paying attention. At this junction, you need to turn right and head towards Gingee. ( If you turned left at this junction, you would head to the temple town of Mailam)

You will need to keep driving for about 2 kms. You will pass a railway crossing and other villages like Kodima and Muppuli. At the 5th kilometer, you’ll come to a T junction where you turn left towards the Rettani village. About 1.5kms in, you’ll come to our farm. Call 9841597744 if you need directions.

By Train: From Chennai, take the train which leaves at . Get down at Mailam station. From here, you’ll need to board Rettani bound buses. Get off at one mile stop and you should see our farm house. .