Syllabi and Activities

Buying Land

Buying a proper land suitable for farming completes half of the task. There are few useful tips to tackle unforeseen challenges involved in buying of farmland. Also we share our experience in dealing with legal formalities related to farmland purchase.

Balancing between Regular Job and Farming

Most of us are people with regular jobs in other domains like Banking, IT, Marketing etc. We understand that farming is a deep passion for you and appreciate your enthusiasm. Rest assured, there are ways in which regular jobs and farming can be balanced. We can help you in doing that.

Farm Planning

This session will focus on participants defining their values and assets so that they can build a strong farm plan. Its one thing to have land but a different thing to make the most of it.


Farm Operations

A successful production system is essential for a sustainable farm business. These sessions will think through production options, creating efficiency, labor, equipment, and the importance of managing a farm inspite of notorious powercuts.

Choosing Right Crops

Our workshop will advise you on choosing the right kind of crops that can be cultivated with fair amount of ease. We deal with the questions of
What crops can be chosen?
What is the duration of each crop?
Cost – Benefit analysis of each crop
How labour intensive is each crop?
Based on our past experience we recommend and give a list of “top ten crops to grow.”

Soil Testing

Undoubtedly, farming can flourish only if the soil is right. So we answer the following queries.
Why soil testing is vital?
What are the parameters based on which soil is tested?
Where to conduct the tests?
How to overcome and rectify, if the soil lacks in some important nutrients?

Pest Control

Participants will learn the strategies to prevent biological problems on their farm. Even with these measures in place diseases and pests are inevitable. Participants will learn how to recognize at what point action needs to be taken and what resources provide solutions.


You will get to see how vermincompost is made, materials needed for it and how the compost helps us in farming.

Organic Farming

Being the ‘buzz’ word of the decade, we also explain to you about organic farming, its advantages and disadvantages, certifications in organic farming and how organic farming differs from habitual farming.


Living Fences

Our workshop shall discuss on how living fences are made, what kinds of plants are usually used to make such fences and the duration required.

Farm Finance

Financial planning is essential to a successful small farm business. Cash flow, gaining credit, and tax liability will be covered. The availability of loans and subsidies will also be vital information for those starting out.

Managing Liability

Participants learn about liability, succession planning, and entrepreneurship in order to sustain their farm business.

Marketing Strategies

This session will integrate marketing into participant whole farm plan. Participants will come away with an understanding of wholesale and direst marketing channels, as well as the connection between crop production decisions and marketing channel decisions.

and Cost

The cost is Rs.4500. It covers the workshop, materials, stay for 3 nights & 2 days, all meals, Pick up & drop from Tindivanam and local visit to other farms